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"She turns heads as a female drywall finisher" 

Says the Garden City Observer. Traci Hill, started her Drywall career after a two year career in the Air Force, working with water purification in Guam. After returning to Michigan, Traci felt pulled to return to the island. She returned, and got a job as a painter for a drywall contractor. She quickly learned that she could make lots more money as a drywall finisher. She stayed in Guam for three years, learning her trade. She then returned to Michigan, and pursued her dry-walling career. She then worked for about 18 years in new home construction, subcontracting out to builders. But then the company that she was working for had to downsize. So Traci decided to form her own company, dubbed the Drywall Lady. A name that is easy to remember, considering she is quite possibly the only female drywall contractor in Michigan. As of now Traci has been in business for almost two years, has many satisfied customers. One of them a Westland resident named Doris Woodman who says; "She Does Excellent work, She's real professional to." At the end of the day though, Traci loves what she does. In her Garden City Observer article she says, "I get so much satisfaction from my work I can't imagine doing anything else."  For any more questions that you may have about the Drywall Lady, please visit our FAQ page.